Link-uri organizatii internationale pe rase

1.- World Arabian Horse Organization WAHO
Maintain throughout the world the purity of the blood of the horses of the Arabian breed.

2.- European Conference of Arabian Horse Organizations ECAHO
For those involved with shows the abbreviation ECAHO is ever present. But what exactly is ECAHO?

3.- International Stud Book Committee ISBC
The International Stud Book Conference was re-titled and the first meeting of the International Stud Book Committee (ISBC) was held in 1979. Meetings have been held annually at the end of September or early October since that date.

4. - European and Mediterranean Stud Book Liaison Committee EMSBLC
The European and Mediterranean Stud Book Liaison Committee (EMSBLC) was formed in 1980

5.- Internationale Shagya-Araber Gesellschaft (ISG) 

6. - Lipizzan International Federation 

7. -  Hucul International Federation

8. - International Society of Animal Genetics ISAG
The International Society for Animal Genetics evolved from a series of annual workshops for comparing methods for detecting red cell antigens and variants of proteins to a society focusing on basic and applied research within the fields of immunogenetics, biochemical genetics and molecular genetics. 

9. – International Federation of Horseracing Autorithies